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Intermediate Level Biosafety Training for Public Health Professionals

This course targets public health practitioners as well as laboratory personnel. It is designed to describe the administrative and environmental controls that will decrease the likelihood of inadvertent exposure to infectious bodily fluids and includes donning and doffing of PPE, configuration of the encounter site to protect environmental surfaces and proper use of decontamination and […]

Next Generation Sequencing Technology in Food Microbiology

by Soultana Tatsika, MSc Student in Bioeconomy / International Hellenic University The advances in DNA sequencing, with the development of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) allow the comprehensive examination of microbial communities, without the need of cultivation (Hall 2007). Thus, instead of examining the genome of an individual bacteria strain that has been grown in a […]

Microalgae: what is it and how we can use it

by Maria Georgakopoulou, MSc alumni in Bioeconomy / International Hellenic University The global climate change has caused dramatic effects in the availability of resources, mainly affecting the food and energy sectors. The parallel rise of global population, estimated to reach nine billion in 2050, has forced the investigation of alternative sources, in order to find […]