Perseus BVBA

Perseus BVBA, established in 2003 in Belgium, is active across Europe, embedded in one of Europe’s most active Life Science regions, close to the European Commission’s administrative centers. It is a partnership of biosafety and regulatory experts from diverse fields of application. The company is actively involved in organizations that promote biosafety practices, and has established a network of collaborations with service providers that operate according to similar philosophy and customer orientation.

The main objective of Perseus is to offer strategic regulatory support in the extended field of life sciences and novel food technologies, building on biosafety expertise and experience. The company aims to support its customers in biosafety management, and to guide them through the labyrinth of laws, regulations and specific standards to facilitate bioproduct/bioservice regulatory authorization and to work safely and in compliance in a cost-effective way, in the context of Bioeconomy. Relevant regulatory subjects of the company’s interests include safety for staff and the environment, proper containment infrastructure, the necessary work procedures, and the correct permits.

The company has experts with personal experience in the safe use of biologicals, genetically modified or not, providing with a unique combination of a specialized regulatory know-how developed over nearly 25 years, a worldwide contact network in the full spectrum of
biosafety-related disciplines, an insight on corporate and European political demands, a proven track record on efficient facility design and management of biological safety in up to containment level 3 facilities, and an extensive expertise on genetically modified material in containment and all other phases (e.g. field trials, commercial applications, movement of materials and imports, international trade).

In particular, the areas of expertise of the Perseus’ experts comprise of regulatory subjects on biosafety and biorisk management, including the safe handling of biological materials during different stages of the product life-cycle and product distribution, genetically modified products in food and feed, development of human and veterinary medical products, responsible use of animals and animal welfare, novel food, bio-based industry and biotechnology stewardship.

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