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For your LONDON’S EYEs only : biotechnological companies in London UK flourishing despite Brexit.

by Victoria Dipla, MSc Student in Bioeconomy / International Hellenic University London is one of the cities in what is known as the “golden- triangle” in Britain, with the other two competitor cities being Oxford and Cambridge. Still ,though, and despite the competition and the total amount of  £182m, that was raised by biotech companies […]

Biocontact kick-off meeting

Erasmus + BioContact Kick-off meeting was organized between 15 and 16 January 2019 at IHU Campus. Our Partners include word-leading experts on Biosafety from Leiden University, Netherlands and the Belgium-based Perseus Company. During the meeting all participants concluded that it was a very constructive and productive two-day meeting, necessary for the smooth and successful implementation […]