Dr. Nikolaos Monokrousos is an Assistant Professor in Soil Ecology at the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Economics at the International Hellenic University. Before joining IHU he was a researcher at the Institute of Soil and Water Resources, Hellenic Agricultural Organization – Demeter.

He is active in the field of Soil Ecology for over 15 years and his research interests are focused on the study of the soil microbial community structure and functionality, the soil enzyme activity, and their role in soil organic matter decomposition and nutrient cycling. Part of his research is also focused on the study of soil free-living nematode communities, aiming to study in-depth the relations and interactions of organisms that belong to different levels of the soil food web. His goal is to better understand how agricultural management practices affect organisms of different soil food web levels (indicators of soil health) and to improve soil functions optimizing agricultural productivity and sustainability. He has published more than 50 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has participated in several national and international projects